The Problem with Diigo – Genocide is sexy?

The Problem with Diigo

We marked this year’s Holocaust Remembrance Week with a study of the Armenian Genocide. Using the nifty “lists” feature of Diigo, complete with section headings, I shared bookmarks with other teachers. In the rush and tumble of a busy week, I never got the chance to share this list with students. I didn’t realize how fortunate this oversight was until I looked at the list a couple of days later.

You would think that the big brains had Google would calibrate their algorithms so as to keep the sexy ads away from anything labeled “Genocide”. In the mean time, Diigo may have to take a powder. If I send students to an online resource, especially on a regular basis, I am expanding my classroom to include those online environments. The class website, the Moodle page and even the template for my e-mails are as much a creation of a learning environment as the decorations in the classroom. I don’t think I would even post something like this on the bulletin board, so I’m not sending them to Diigo.

It’s frightening to think of the long list inappropriate ads that could accompany history bookmark lists. It’s also (secretly), hilarious.