What’s Wikipedia?

Here is yet another entry in the saga of vendor resource presentations for Social Studies. Another accomplished professional representing a prominent, internationally recognized publishing company revealing an ignorance of the current environment of educational technology. In a elementary school library, festooned with the posters, charts, maps, and logo-ridden ephemera of a complete curriculum program, about twenty teachers patiently sat through a presentation of materials offered for piloting in the new K-5 Social Studies curriculum. The books were bright, beautiful and superbly organized. Introducing the program with a media presentation on-screen, the sales representatives raced through their program because they heard about our intentions and wanted to show us that their program was “loaded with tech”. Continue reading


“I’m still working on figuring out my microwave”

Part of my responsibilities include working with a group of K-5 teachers re-writing the elementary social studies curriculum. We are committed to constructing a curriculum that not only aligns with state content standards, but incorporates essential learnings relevant to the current nature of information and communication. Continue reading